Having a modern dental office is important, but it requires a lot of planning and creativity to make it stand out. When it comes to the layout of a dental office, two key factors should be considered: functionality to improve productivity and the overall patient experience. As such, you should approach the remodeling process with care. This will ensure that you create the right experience and attract the right people to your dental office.

The following outlines the main aspects of utilizing best practices when it comes to dental office design, which will allow you to have your dream office that is both functional and pleasant for your patients while cultivating your own unique brand.

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1. Determine Your Goals

The first thing you should do is assess your practice’s wants and needs. This list will assist you in determining the features of your space, as well as setting realistic limits and expectations. For instance, you may not want to relocate your office, but you may require more space. The goal is to maximize space utilization by redesigning existing areas.

2. Choose the Right Construction Team

The company that you choose for the job can make a big difference in how your dental office remodeling is done. If you are going to hire one, spend some time checking references. You should also make sure they have the proper insurance and that they know what you expect from them.

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3. Create a Plan

Once you’ve found the right contractor, create a plan to help you through the entire process. For example, are you going to close the clinic or will you just barricade some parts? Is the time allocated enough for the construction team to come in at night or are you okay with normal working hours? You can use details such as these to determine what the effect will be. This is especially important if you need to close the clinic.

4. Design Plan

A dental office can be designed in a variety of ways. Understanding the importance of imagery through the patient’s eyes is essential when designing a dental office. To make patients feel more at ease, consider using calming, neutral colors in your dental office. Other design considerations include not having the receptionist face the patients directly, separating the office’s check-in and check-out areas, and locating restroom door entries away from the seating areas.

5. Budget

Many of the decisions you make during the remodeling process will be influenced by your budget. To come up with a payment plan, you must communicate with your contractor. Understanding your financial status can help you make a plan. For example, do you have all the money in your savings? Or are you planning to take out money from your monthly income? This will allow you and your construction team to work towards a common goal.

If you are looking for a plan for your dental practice, we recommend that you contact us to go over the specifics. At the very least, we can provide you with additional information and educate you on your options. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.