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Silvertouch Commercial Renovations
Silvertouch Commercial Renovations
Silvertouch Commercial Renovations
Silvertouch Commercial Renovations

Renovating Commercial Property in Coquitlam and the lower mainland for more than Half A Decade!

Commercial renovations require a task force that is trained in renovating projects on a strict timeline, with little to no margin for error.

Our team at SilverTouch Renovations is trained to oversee all kinds of renovations. We take care of everything:

  • Budgeting
  • Determining best construction strategies
  • Keeping in mind regulations
  • Creating a timeline
  • Keeping track of progress
  • Ensuring work is completed on time
Silvertouch Commercial Renovations
Silvertouch Commercial Renovations

Does Your Business Need A Commercial Renovation?

Commercial renovations are rewarding both in terms of saving time as well as money.

Businesses with low capital look for already built spaces, and with our budget-friendly commercial renovation packages, tweak them according to their business needs and liking.

~ A newly established business rented an office in Port Moody, which needed a thorough paint job, installation of employee cabins and remodeling of the front desk area.

Some businesses just want to change the theme and existing environment. Our commercial renovation services help revamp and bring out the best in their existing brand representation. 

~ A complex in Coquitlam wanted to revamp its waiting area and entryway for a fresh look. It required a change of floor tiles, an artsy paint job, the addition of a false ceiling and the installation of better lightings. 

Some businesses opt for renovations for expansion purposes. Both Small scale and large-scale businesses have used our renovation services to maximize their workspace.

 ~ A retail store in Port Coquitlam needed additional space for their line of men’s wear. An entire floor was added to their existing one-story shop, with additional lighting and framework. 

Whatever your reason for renovation is, client satisfaction is our topmost priority.

Book an appointment today through our 24/7 live representatives and get a free consultation and quote for our state-of-the-art commercial renovation services.

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    It was an amazing experience when silvertouch renovated my house, they renovated amazingly. They are really punctual and professional in their work. They incorporate my ideas to give me the best result. Also they did their best to finish my home ASAP. I truly recommend them to anyone looking to renovate their home.

    Keep good work Silvertouch Renovation!!!!

    - Sepehr Roonasi

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    We will take into account the interior and exterior building spaces and use the latest methods for the most modern look.
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