If you have detached garage that you don’t park your car in it with some configuration and remodelling you can use creativity and use it for the purposes which will fit your style and your personal needs. with some creative plans the possibilities for a workshop in your house are endless. for more infirmation about detached garage be with us in silvertouch renovation group.

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Detached garage Advantages

A detached garage won’t add up to your space but it offers several advantages for specific spaces in your building. If you have an existing garage or if you want to add a space, it’s very important that it should be in accordance with your needs.

Heating, cooling and insulation

However you want to use this space it should be in ideal temperature therefore it would be enjoyable and relaxing to work. When heating, cooling and insulation you should consider your budget and your intend of use.

For heating there are different options, like forced air garage heaters, infrared garage heaters, and electric garage heaters. All of the above said has it’s own benefits, but using a portable electric heater would be a good idea because of portability, low price, little maintenance and no burning fuel.

For cooling the best option is window units, but if your garage doesn’t have any window you should consider commercial A/C   floor units.

For insulation the best option for insulating the walls, ceiling and the garage door would be Fiberglass batting. It would be easy to cut to size and install.

Design options

With a detached garage you can do and run different possibilities depending on your life style, your needs, and your budget. Here are some ideas for your detached garage:

detached garage


If you want to make things by your self this would be a great space for your workshop, you can put shelves, cabinets and hang all your equipment and tools on the wall. You can add tables, benches power tools. If you want to work with paints and stains make sure your workshop has proper ventilation.

Workout studio

If you like to workout professionally instead of paying money for gym  you can have your own gym. You can put mats, bars, mirrors, also music system and TV if you want to enjoy your desirable music or dance video. There can be shelves and cabinets for workout essentials.

Home office

A detached garage provides your own private home office, because it’s near your house, it’s convenient, and it’s away from any distraction within your home that will increase productivity and efficiency. If you work from home regularly, this would a great idea instead of renting an office.

detached garage


You can make a game and entertaining centre for your kids to do puzzles and games with their friends or watch tv with your supervision.

Man cave

Changing your detached garage into a place for man of the house to enjoy some time with their friends or watch football or other noisy activities without disturbing other member of families. You will need a comfortable sofa , chairs and a large screen

Guest bedroom

A detached garage with good furnishing and accessories could be great space for overnight guest with access to the house. Specially if you have large garage you can consider adding a bathroom that will make your space totally private.

Art studio

If you are an artist and you love to sketch or paint a detached garage would be great space to put your canvases and other Accessories. You would have a private space to do your arts or to customize it as you want.

Garden center

You can turn your detached garage into a perfect garden space where you can organize your garden tools and supplies, also you can have specific spaces for greenhouse environment. You can also dedicate spaces for hanging shovels, rakes etc.

Building your new garage

If you are planning to build a new garage you should consider all of the advantages and disadvantages of detached garages and attached garages. Do you want to park your car every night into your secure space or you want to be creative and use your garage for some other activities. Depending on your property size, garage size, your intentions and choices for the garage and the last one your budget you will need to determine which type of garage works best for your needs.