Homeowners mostly think of renovation or repair when they feel their house is rusty or out of fashion. Some paint the walls some change the decor for the house to feel the freshness. The process of upgrading homes is either remodelling or renovation. Sometimes remodelling and renovation are used interchangeably, but here we clear the difference between the two terms. so be with Silvertouch renovation group.

remodelling and renovation definition

In order to understand the foundation of remodelling and renovation you will need to get familiar with their definitions:


it’s a construction terminology which means either changing or modifying a building by upgrading or rebuilding, in which there may be some fundamental changes in the structure of the building.


renovation mainly relates to improve the existing building and specially structure of building for the purpose of restoring to good condition.

These definitions show that remodelling is all about rebuilding or adding some other structures whereas renovation refers to upgrading the existing material and structures.

remodelling and renovation

Different steps in remodelling and renovating

For further information about renovation vs remodelling we will guide you as you go through this article.

Process of remodelling and steps of doing them

Alter the use of space

Remodelling mainly relates to changing and altering the use of the place you are using. It includes the upgrading of the place you’re living in it. For example, you can remodel a bedroom and change it to a kitchen whereas in some cases you may remodel the whole house by reconfiguring the floor plan. You should be considering these changing by your needs and consulting experts who can help you decide this.

Increase the functionality of your space

One of the most important purposes of remodelling a house is to improve the functionality of your house. You can even reconfigure your floor plan. Some people for example decide to combine their kitchen with their living room, for instance this is one of main remodelling options that will make your space much bigger which is categorized as an open kitchen layout.

Be extra careful during the process of choosing your furniture since it helps your house look much bigger.

Give your space a new look and style

During the process of reconstruction and the new design you can use some minimalist designs in order for your house to look less crowded therefore more functional. Colour also plays an important role in your decoration, try to stay in light range colours since it wont go out of fashion.

remodelling and renovation

Process of renovating and steps of doing them

Fixes and repairs

This step is very important in any home renovation, since it affects both interior an exterior of the house. Homeowners who start to renovate their homes start from repairing and fixing items like broken door, leaking faucet, creaking doors, old windows handles, damaged switch boards etc.

Upgrade and renew

This kind of renovation can add new feel and style to your house by only a custom renovating. For example, renovating your kitchen will lead to a whole new look and it will make it more like your lifestyle.

Replacing old furniture and fixtures

This process is also very important part of renovation. It comes under the domain of improvements in a home. Some people simply change room’s colour and change old windows and give it new look before put it on sale. This will significantly increase the real state value of your house.

Here are some examples of remodelling and renovation for the clearer picture for both of these projects:

Examples of common renovation:

  • Repainting
  • Prefacing cabinets
  • Installing new light fixtures
  • Replacing windows
  • Updating appliances
  • Adding new hardware
  • Replacing tile or flooring
  • Replacing outdated systems

Examples of common remodelling:

  • Combining two rooms into one
  • Installing a kitchen island
  • Removing walls
  • Raising ceiling
  • Changing the layout of room

At the end remodelling will cost more, then also it needs more professional experts to take care of them. It will need experts such as electricians, plumbers, architects, mostly remodelling needs permits which adds to the price.

Deciding weather, you need to remodel in renovate is a big decision and it won’t be easy without consulting professionals and experts. Our Professional contractors and designers in Silvertouch will guide you through this decision step by step considering the budget, time and the space you have.