As you know to be safe in your home, roof of house play the critical role. In fact in winter when it’s rainy or snowy or in summer for sunny days the house’s roof is really important. But as the roof bears all this nature elements so maybe it damage and need to be repaired. So how to know it? when you need roof repairs ? In this article Silvertouch renovation group will tell you some signs of damaged roofs.

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roof repairs : Know signs of damaged roof

If you want to know whether your roof need a repair or not you should determine how the damage is extensive. An easy way is to check the walls personally. Start from top floors. If you see one of these signs that we will tell you, immediately meke it repaired.

Walls and ceilings

If you see yellowing or browning parts in upper floor ceiling, it means water and moisture made that part of building damage and you should make it repaired.

roof repairs

Peeling paint

Look at walls and ceiling, if you find some parts of wall or ceiling that paint peeling away, it means moisture could find its way into walls and ceiling. So it need roof repairs .

Bending roof

It means your roof starts to move inward. This can become a big problem because the roof might eventually collapse completely if not repaired.

Smell of mould

Moisture and wet on walls and ceiling can make that part of building a suitable place for growing mould. If you see some black and white parts on the walls that is sign of mould and you should make it repaied because it not only has bad appearance but also is hazardous to human health.

Missing tiles in the roof

After a while you can see some parts of roof surface will miss the tiles. When you see missing tiles it means your ceiling is affected by moisture and need roof repairs .

Roof drainage of water

If you live in countries that is geographically rainy and most of the time your roof is full of water, you need drainage pipes . if not, collected water can penetrate into ceiling and damage it.

roof repairs

Bird dropping

If you are interested in keeping pets or birds, maybe you put theme in a place in roof. Do you know bird droppings are highly acidic and can damage roof and ceilings. So be careful about this problem and try to clean bird droppings as soon as possible.

General signs of dropping water and tear

Although most building’s roofs are made of strong and firm materials like concrete, after 20 years you can see sign of aging in form of walls or roofs and even you can see water dropping from that place. So you shoulde make it fixed.

Know you are familiar with some most common signs of roof damages that need to be repaired and if you see theme in some parts of your building, it means maybe wet and moisture or other causes made that part ruined.

So the first thing that you should know about roof repairs is try to know how extensive is damaged parts and get help from specialists if you can’t recognize it.

After that start to repair and rebuild that part immediately, because if you don’t care about it maybe damage part will progress and affect other part of building too.

You know, if ruined parts are less not only could be repaired soon but also it can make your costs less.

Thanks for reading this article. if you have any problem with your building or see any sign in roof, ceiling or walls you can call us. We will help you for repairing or reconstruction your house.