Decorating styles come and go in cycles. The farmhouse style has made its way back around. The farmhouse style means you are decorating your house with a simple and practical mindset that is looking for soothing and natural colors and elements. Every style is open to interpretation, what I refer to here is just the common trends. Follow these tips with Silvertouch renovation group to create a farmhouse style look in your house.

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how to make your home farmhouse chic ?

in this part of article we will tell you some ideas for making your farmhouse chic.

Painted cabinets

Painting cabinets bring a feel of old-fashioned to homes. If you have old cabinets in your home just paint them instead of replacing them. The colors you choose for panting cabinets depend on lots of features like the color of walls, bringing an old-fashioned feel and so on.

Colors of walls

Avoid using too much dark or bright colors for walls, as well as, painting each room a different color. Painting all walls with the same color is calming. Actually, natural paint colors like beige and cream are the first step to achieve a farmhouse style for your house. We strongly recommend you not neglecting this point to have a great farmhouse chic.


Rustic materials

Using stone, wood, metal and other rustic materials will be so beneficial to make your house get a farmhouse style. Decorate your house with these materials. Stone backsplashes, wooden cabinets and so on are good examples of using rustic materials. You could even use old barnwood to make a sign of this style. To gain more information and consultant contact to our operators.

Mixing old and new elements

Mixing vintage elements with new ones is a great idea to make a farmhouse look. For example, try using vintage, old vases for your flowers in addition to new ones. In fact, this mixture of elements that is not totally old neither new is interesting and unexpected.

Flea market instead of malls

One of the most important points that you should consider is not buying from malls for your house. Secondhand goods that are selling in flea markets, antique shops and thrift stores are the best choice to make a farmhouse style. In fact, you should know that worn finishes and chipping paint are no longer flaws when it comes to having a farmhouse style for the home. So, search for flea markets in Coquitlam to find goods suitable for your house or you can leave that job to our team to be done. Call us and after seeing your house we will decide what is better for your house to make a farmhouse style.



Maybe you do not think of having houseplant for many reasons, like caring for them. But we should mention that how much it can affect the look of your house. To make a farmhouse style you need to consider houseplants as a part of your home. If you do not have houseplants before, start with ones that are easy to care for. Place a houseplant in each room.


If your house has a porch, fill it with chairs, swings and so on to make it better for a farmhouse style.


Considering all these tips will guarantee a great farmhouse style, provided you use them in the right way. Hiring a contractor to get it done will be more satisfactory than what you do by yourself. But not every contractor. Silvertouch company will give you the best services to make your home farmhouse chic. Contact us to give more information and help.