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SilverTouch Renovation has years of experience working with residential and commercial kitchens. Our team of renovation experts can help you with faucet/sink replacement, appliance installation, cabinet installation, flooring installation, refinishing and repair. If you are looking for a kitchen renovation we are here to help, our reputation is built on using the best quality materials and providing the best service and customer satisfaction.

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Silver Touch Reno Appliance Install
Silvertouch Home Renovations

Silvertouch Kitchen Renovations: Hire Us for Top-Notch Renovation Services

Everyone desires a comfortable and neat livable space. If you need kitchen renovation services, you can trust SilverTouch for modern and professionally renovated kitchens. We factor in the building’s interior and exterior spaces and use the latest designs to ensure your kitchen gets a modern look.

We are the licensed specialists you can depend on for any kitchen renovations. SilverTouch prides itself on delivering professional and outstanding kitchen renovations regardless of the property’s complexity. Our work is inspirational; all our employees are experts.

Our Services

We have several kitchen renovation services; we evaluate your home before deciding the appropriate renovation service. Below are some of the kitchen renovation services we might suggest:

  • Kitchen cabinet installation services
  • Sink/faucet installation or replacement
  • Kitchen appliance installation
  • Flooring installation

Whether you are looking to redesign your kitchen by adding some cabinets, changing the flooring, or renovating it entirely, SilverTouch Kitchen should be your reliable service providers. We want you to envision a modern kitchen, and we will make it a reality.

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Are you having a renovation project but are unsure of who you can trust with the job? SilverTouch is your trusted experts specializing in various renovation services. Call us today for comprehensive information, bookings, and a quote.

Why should you Choose Us for your Renovations?

If you are unsure about our renovation services, below are some reasons that should influence your decision about us:

We guarantee our clients a 100% satisfaction rate; all our contractors are trained and have the relevant expertise.

  • We understand the need for an enjoyable and need kitchen; we work within a short-time yet efficiently.

  • Our contractors specialize in home improvement architecture and ensure that your property is valuable, especially if you are contemplating renting or selling.

  • We use modern equipment and tools and guarantee impressive results.

  • We have several ideas to renovate your home, which gives our clients multiple choices and can select what works for them and suits the budget.

  • We intend to build inspiring spaces for all our clients, ensuring that the finish has a modern design and look.

  • Our clients love our work and recommend our services.

  • There is no complex job for us; we handle both small and big jobs, whether residential and commercial projects.

SilverTouch is client-oriented and excels through working collaboratively, thus spending less time handling any renovations. Our professionals are also trained in home improvement ideas to ensure you receive top-notch services. We offer creative solutions and allow our clients to choose from the various ideas.

We are here to help with all renovation and finishing jobs. We use quality materials and guarantee client satisfaction as we focus on exceptional services. Our contractors ensure you get a perfect layout by turning your kitchen into a beautiful place.

What are the Renovation Costs?

The cost of renovating a kitchen varies depending on the complexity of the kitchen and the relevant services. SilverTouch will evaluate your kitchen and give an estimate before providing their services.

We Can Help With All Your Kitchen Renovation Needs


Kitchen Cabinet Installation


Faucet/Sink Replacement


Kitchen Appliance Installation


Flooring Installation & Repair

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    It was an amazing experience when silvertouch renovated my house, they renovated amazingly. They are really punctual and professional in their work. They incorporate my ideas to give me the best result. Also they did their best to finish my home ASAP. I truly recommend them to anyone looking to renovate their home.

    Keep good work Silvertouch Renovation!!!!

    - Sepehr Roonasi

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    We will take into account the interior and exterior building spaces and use the latest methods for the most modern look.
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