Surveys show that one of the most desired renovation by house owners is kitchen renovation. It increases your property value by almost 12 percent. If you are a home owner and you decided to renovate your kitchen you will definitely will be worrying about the costs. Silvertouch renovation company will guide you through choosing the right plan and suitable price.

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You should consider that for the purpose of kitchen renovation you’ll be needing proper amount of budget, nonetheless trustable contractors and guidance. Consider in mind there can be great changes and renovation in your kitchen by small budgets.

What is the average cost for a kitchen renovation in Coquitlam?

An average budget for a kitchen renovation in Canada  is from $20,000 to $40,000.

How ever it depend on the material and the design that you choose. If you keep your kitchen appliances as they are you’ll be saving a lot of money. For detailed prices you can contact Silvertouch company.

Variety in the prices depend on weather you want to add some space to your kitchen or have some constructions or you want to have brand new cabinets or stick to the old ones and just renew them a bit.

Kitchen renovation professionals of Silvertouch company will help you decide that. In the end your decisions will have affect the final price. You won’t need to consume all your deposits for that purpose.

Kitchen renovation

Determine your budget by your needs

You may find different kitchen designs attractive, from countertops to flooring and cabinet. But you should consider that these will cost you a lot.

There are mainly 4 important component in the kitchen worth considering:


Considering the current space of your kitchen if you have enough space but you want new cabinets professionals suggest refinishing them rather than changing the whole material which will cost you a lot.

Kitchen countertop

Countertops are a huge price taking part of the kitchen depend on your material you use. The most expensive ones are quarts, granite and marble etc.

Professionals at Silvertouch will guide you through choosing the right material for your project.


Do you need a change in your flooring?

Hardwood floors are the best choice but they’re the most expensive. You can consider Vinyl or cermaic too.


Appliances include refrigerator, oven, microwave, dishwasher etc. To change them all will cost you a lot. You can consult with Silvertouch professionals to discuss which ones you keep and which ones you may change.

Kitchen renovation

8 affordable upgrades that deliver high value for you kitchen

  1. Great lighting

Different lightings like hidden lights, top cabinet lights etc will change the overall look of your kitchen in a great deal with low budget. These kind of lighting will be found in a variety of prices.

  1. Refinish your wood floors

If you already have a wood floor you can consult our professionals and refinish it to avoid high costs of changing them. There are also economic material like cork that you can use for your floor.

  1. Cabinet refacing

Instead of changing the whole material, you can reface your cabinets. Professionals at Silvertouch will guide you through. They will reface them by changing the skin of the cabinets or maybe replacing the doors etc. This eill dramatically change the overal look of your kitchen.

  1. Upgrade the faucet

One of the most used parts in kitchen is the faucet. There are varieties of faucets that you can consider. You should also consider choosing low-flow faucet for long term savings.

  1. Laminate countertop or butcher block

These two options will reduce your cost effectively. They will surely require more maintenance but they will look grat during time.

  1. Subway tiles

These simple white tiles will change the whole deal to a new kitchen. They are simple and go with everything.

  1. Change the seats

If you have an island in your kitchen you have good option of changing the seats. Our designers will help you through this process too.

  1. Open shelves

Some people don’t like this kind of shelves, but these are the trend and will look rustic and casula in your kitchen.

Overall there are a lot of issues you should be considering during the process of your kitchen renovation which will require professionals and experts to rely on. SilverTouch company will guarantee this for you that your project will be done in the hand of professional contractors in accordance to your budget and your personal style.