Although older apartments and houses, have a nostalgic sense of their own and many of us love them, but those who live in these homes are faced with many problems that need to undergo basic and sometimes basic repairs. Because most of these buildings have lost their quality, endurance and security over time, and require repairs; it is clear that repairing these houses also requires a lot of time and money. some people are particularly interested in their homes and do not go under the burden of renovating the house. but If you are a group of these people who are looking to rebuild your home and do not know what steps to start and how much you need for residential renovation , talk to Silvertouch Renovation Group today.

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residential renovation

residential renovation process

Generally residential renovation involves several steps that can help you save time and money if you have enough familiarity with the steps and do them in the right way. so read the steps carefully.

Consulting with engineers

The first step of residential renovation is to consult building engineers and architects to determine the building’s capacity, whether the repair and renovation of the building should be done or not.


The first step after the decision for residential renovation is to demolish the walls to be removed. This is done to change the interior space of the house. Often, in some cases, the walls of the outside are also destroyed.


If you want to add a room, a warehouse and separating walls, it’s time to build it after the destruction stage. Of course, with prefabricated walls, time and cost are minimized. so construction is the next step of residential renovation .

residential renovation

ceiling and plastering

Plastering and ceilings are some things that are very effective in decorating the interior of the house. This step is done after the previous steps of residential renovation .


One of the issues that will be very effective in renovating of building is lighting. An appropriate lighting can change the appearance of your building.


Nowadays With the advancement of diversification of flooring, people pay attention to it more than before. in the past only mosaics were used for this. The variety of design and color on the flooring and parquet has caused the designers to choose the type of flooring according to the colors and decoration of the interior.

What we said was some residential renovation activities.