How old is the house where you live  in?  how long Is going from the initial construction of the house? Are some parts of your house damaged? If you are already thinking about renovating your home, you have chosen the right article to read. The Silvertouch Renovation Group, a renovation contractor in Vancouver,Coquitlam , is ready for any kind of cooperation and doing service in field of renovation and repairing houses. All you need is that calling us. In this article, we will introduce the services we have provided to you. Please be with us until the end of this article.

Renovation Contractor in Vancouver, Coquitlam

In this part of the article, we have introduced our services to you. You can count on our help to renovate and repair your home in these areas.

Silvertouch Renovation services


What kind of flooring material do your house floor, made up of ? If you are tired of covering the floor of your house for any reason and its material is no longer as new and beautiful as before, you can change the floor covering of your house. We are In Silvertouch Renovation Group in Vancouver, Coquitlam , for you to flooring  your house floor using the material of your choice, including wood flooring, laminate, etc., using the highest quality material and with the most professional installation methods and with very high efficiency.

Renovation Contractor in Vancouver

A beautiful renovated furnished living room interior design


What color are the walls of your house? Have you recently felt that the color of the walls is not as bright as before and when you clean them, walls still dull and dull? Or is it that choosing the right color for your home is not the right thing to do?

Thus, Contact us, Silvertouch Renovation Group in Vancouver, Coquitlam , if you have decided to change the color of the walls and ceiling of your home. We will implement your desired color theme by using the new and updated coloring themes of the world, according to your opinion and taste, and by using the highest quality building colors.


Currently, the carpentry services that we provide to you using the world’s latest method are pre-designed or prefabricated materials that are well designed and engineered. Contact Silvertouch Renovation Group in Vancouver, Coquitlam , if you want to do any carpentry  activities for your house in field of windows, doors, interior trim, cabinetry, solid surface, framing, siding, acoustical ceilings, metal framing, wall, and both custom or factory-produced materials, trim and molding, exposed columns, etc.


Have you recently watch out your building pipes? Are you sure your pipes are ok? Have you just noticed that the pipes are rotten and sometimes the walls of your house are damp and wet. Are the toilet and bathroom pipes dripping and worrying about wasting water?

Renovation Contractor in Coquitlam

In any case, don’t worry at all, you can give us your the best possible way and in the shortest time we will do it for you with just one call Silvertouch Renovation Group in Vancouver , Coquitlam .

In addition to the services that we talked about, Silvertouch renovation contractor have provided you with other services in field of ceiling tiles, landscaping, electrician and architecture. If you need such services, you can call us and talk about your problem with our Consultants to guide you.

Also, if you decide to renovate your whole house, be sure that Silver Touch Group is the best choice to do it for you. We will reconstruct your house completely by implementing an engineering plan and layout, according to the principles of building architecture in the shortest possible time and at satisfactory costs.

You can contact Silvertouch renovation contractor by phone number 778 385 7059 from Monday – Friday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM to Saturday – Sunday: 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM and after receiving the necessary instructions, decide for using any Silvertouch Renovation services and also renovating your house.