You may bought a new house and either you want to make it look like your own style or you want to renew it for sale. There are several points in designing a new house that you may not be familiar with. Below we discuss some of the most common design mistakes homeowners make so that you don’t follow their footsteps. come with silvertouch renovation group.

t design mistakes new homeowners make

design mistakes about residential renovation

here we will tell you about some design mistakes that new homeowners make in residential renovation.

Starting renovations too soon

one of design mistakes is related to starting renovation. Before renovating or making any change to your house it’s better to live in it for a while, to learn where everything goes, how sun shines upon your windows and where do you feel wrong or choked in the house. You can live in it and get along and after that think about changing or remodelling.

Underestimating costs

another design mistakes is related to costs. Most of the times projects like this will cost more than your estimation and it will take time more than you planned. Usually you should add about 20 percent to your total estimated budget and time.

Expect everything to be like plan

Working and reconstruction of old buildings may lead to unexpected events. Nobody knows what may happen if you remove a wall or something else. It’s always supposed to be with cautious but at the end it’s human and not everything will go in accordance of your plan.Not

hire a designer from the beginning

You are going to pay for a big project that will be in front of you for a long time, and it will be more than what you expect, so it’s better to trust in someone who knows what’s they’re doing. Specially most of the designers and contractors charge hourly or take a percentage of your overall project. So it would be worthy of consideration.

Going for the lowest bid

By paying professionals and good designers and contractors the money that you are paying would be worth it. Do not trust in cheap and available right-away people.

t design mistakes new homeowners make

Hiring someone who doesn’t fit you

There may be great architects and designers but the won’t necessarily fit your style or your will. The person that you are choosing should be aware of your way of living and your preferences. So if he/she doesn’t ask you such questions you better be working with some other experts.

Not asking for references

You better ask about other projects of your designer or architect before any contract. By this mean you visit your candidates end job and see if they are a good match for you and your style or not.

Not asking enough questions

You are paying money so you should ask whatever is not clear for you. There are no such questions as dumb questions. Everything should be crystal clear for you.

Making too many changes during the work

There are simple changes that you may think will be possible or harmless. But be sure to consult every detail with your contractor, for example moving a light switch a few feet can cost $1,500.

Not thinking outside the box

Places like gutters, grading and roofs may be boring when there are a lot to be worried about in your interior but you want to have a whole and solid project. Specially when you want to change the whole project you should start with outside since there’s no point in changing your floor when you have a leaky roof.

Sweeping interiors under the rug

Newbies think that they can finish the project by themselves by using some of their old furnitures in room etc. But if you want to love your space increase the value of your space make sure you dedicate a budget for interior design and décor.

Skimping on quality

There are some thing that you touch everyday or work with them regularly such as doors, faucets, cabinets etc. spend good money on those items which would be a daily reminder to you and your guests about the solidity and quality of your house.

Spending too much on tech

Technology can be pricy and it can become outdated quickly. It may be cool to wire every room for videos but it wont be a good investment at the end.

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