Home renovation is tricky. Sometimes, it seems to need a few steps to get done, but in fact, there is more. On the other hand, some people, while remodeling their houses, do lots of unnecessary work. Doing some steps before starting renovation will help you to avoid unnecessary works. There are some common steps to consider while remodeling your house. So be with Silvertouch Renovation to tell you some valuable tips about home renovation steps .

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Get to know home renovation steps

in this part of article you can get familiar with home renovation steps. read it carefully.


having a priority list is one of the first steps in the renovation process. Indeed, you need to assess all the parts of the house and number the places that are required to be remodeled. Then check your time and budget that you can allocate to a house renovation and correct your list based on them. This first-step level could avoid extra cost and unnecessary renovations. To know which places have more priority over the others click on the link “most popular renovations”.


one of the home renovation steps is related to budget. That is your duty to dedicate your hard-earned money correctly to home renovation. You need to set a number on how much you want to comfortably spend on the remodeling. As well, there is always a possibility of unexpected costs. Consider approximately an extra 20 percent for unexpected costs. To get more information about the costs of house renovation in Coquitlam, you can contact SilverTouch company. Our advisers will help you patiently.

Hiring a contractor

Conducting a professional renovation is not everyone’s job. Look for experts to get the job done for you- Experts who can define the scope of works and the process to resolve any problem. There are lots of factors you should consider while hiring a renovation company or a contractor. To choose the best contractor,  see the “renovation in Coquitlam”.


another  home renovation steps is about materials. Your contractor will help you to choose the right materials for your house renovation based on the location, your house and so on. After that, you may want to start ordering the materials necessary- like drywall, new doors, new windows and so on. Hiring a good contractor will guarantee using the right materials with which you want to remodel your house. SilverTouch company with professional contractors is a safe and reliable choice for home renovations.

home renovation steps

Starting Demolition

After ordering the materials, it is Demolition’s turn. but, before starting destruction, make sure all materials ordered has arrived. Be careful that some places should distribute at first due to safety rules. Have a priority list to know which places should be demolished at first.

Behind walls

After demolition that is the best time to do works such as heating, air conditioning and any work behind walls, below floors, and above ceilings. These works are tricky, be careful while doing them.

home renovation steps

Exterior works

The next step is painting and installing flooring. Based on your contractor’s schedules, he would do painting or installing the floor at first. Some contractors prefer to do painting at first, while others prefer to install flooring.

Cabinetry and decoration

After finishing the walls and floor, that’s time to install cabinetry. As well, it is time to add details and decorations like floor sealing, light fixtures, backsplashes and so on. In the end you have a new, satisfactory house. Enjoy it.

Doing all these steps will give a satisfactory result, as well as, passing a relax renovation process. Start remodeling a house without having a plan and hiring a contractor could result in lots of pressure, extra costs, wasting time and in satisfactory remodeling. So, consider all these steps before starting remodeling your house. To get more information and helps you can contact SilverTouch company. We will help you to make a priority list and choose an expert to get work done for you.