Is your bathroom small? Do you have problem with it? Are you looking for the best idea in order to make the bathroom feel bigger? If yes, so come with us. in this article Silvertouch Renovation company will suggest you some ideas that can help you decorate your barhroom to have bigger bathroom , in the way that look bigger than it’s normal size.

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how to have bigger bathroom

here we have some solutions tomake bathroom look bigger than it’s normal size.

Bathroom color

When you want to choose a color for bathroom, it’s better to select among light and bright colors. In this way the space surrounding bathroom feel more open and bigger.

Use mirror

You know, using mirror in a place cause that place look a lot bigger. So in addition to a small mirror that you hang on the part of bathroom wall, apply mirror in one side of bathromm wall, instead of tile.

Glass door

When you are building your house and it’s time to build bathroom, it’s better to use glass door for it, also scrapping the curtain entirely.

bigger bathroom

Take on tile

One of the best choices for bathroom is tile. But for small bathrooms you should use tiles with small size. For example, using one by four or two by six tiles in order to make the small bathroom fell bigger.

Pocket door

Pocket door is a kind of door that you can put something into it. Although replacing bathroom door with a pocket door is a little difficult, but it can be a best choice as you can hang out your towel too.

Use wall covering with large patterns

Wallpaper is suitable for small bathrooms. As we said, it’s better to choose wallpapers with light and bright colors. But notice that wall covering pattern should be large. Avoid choosing wallpapers with small pattern, because your bathroom will look smaller.

Use high-glass paint

High-glass paint is a kind of material for color walls that it’s feature is that can reflect light. So when in a small place, light reflect it amplify the space.

Thus if you want to make small bathroom look larger and bigger use high-glass paint for coloring walls.

Install a shelf

Nowadays, for the optimal use of indoor space, many interesting ideas are presented that include different parts of the home also for the bathroom. For example, there are a number of attractive design shelves that you can use for bathroom items such as soap, shampoo, and so on.

Patterened floor

Your bathroom space is extremely small and you have used small shelves on the wall to make the most of this space. Plus, you have a bright color combination to make the space look bigger. But be aware that the use of special pattern tiles can also help to enhance the bathroom space.

bigger bathroom

Think for a niche

One of the important options for small bathrooms is to use a niche. Note that if there is not enough space in the bathroom, a small part as a niche can be a necessity for bathroom fixtures. So it is best to consider a niche area when planning your bathroom.

Towel bar

Since there is no space as a dressing room in a small bathroom where you can hang your towels and clothes, you can take advantage of towel bar. So you should install a towel bar in your bathroom.

Bathroom accessories

The use of glamorous bathroom accessories along with the use of beautiful light-colored lighting techniques can also have a significant effect on the beauty and size of bathroom.

Use compact pices

For small bathrooms, you can choose all the essentials in the bathroom, including tub, sink, and so on  in mall size. For example, bathroom faucets can be selected from models that put all that is needed in one package and will only take one space for them all.

Curve some surfaces

If you eliminate some of the angles as much as possible and curve them, then less space is wasted. For example, you can even choose the sink and tub angled and curved.

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